Me & You Audio Splitter - HEART

Me & You Audio Splitter - HEART
Me & You Audio Splitter - HEARTMe & You Audio Splitter - HEARTMe & You Audio Splitter - HEART
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Share your heart with that special someone! 

The Me & You Audio Splitter is the perfect way to share your favourite music or Podcasts with the person next to you. Whether it's your friend, family or stranger, the splitter has two 3.5 mm audio jacks. Hanging off the side of it's fun cartoon design is a keychain that can attach to any keyring and be by your side whenever you need to share some tunes. Along with all this it also can be used with more splitters allowing you to increase the number of listeners until your the DJ of your own Disco!


  • Fun Cartoon Design
  • 2 - 3.5mm audio ports
  • Key Chain
  • Can be used with multiple Splitters
  • Smooth material