312GW GPS Dash Camera

312GW GPS Dash Camera
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Dash Cams are a fast becoming all the rage and the latest car accessory to have. 

We have all seen the amazing footage a dash cam can pick up including the meteor that hit Russia some time ago and You Tube is full of Dash cam footage from Police Cams to amazing footage of near crashes. But they are not all just for entertainment, a dash cam can be a very useful piece of evidence in car accidents for use by insurance companies to fight fraud and prove who was actually in the wrong. The Dash Cam is essentially a car camcorder that can record your journey. Both the amazing scenery you travel through and any unfortunate mishaps along the way. You may also notice the Dash Cam becoming an important piece of evidence that police are starting to ask for when investigating all kinds of incidents.

Alongside all this great features the new 312GW DASH Camera from Nextbase comes with super fast GPS, allowing you to track your journey and pin point exactly where an incident happened and the speed it happened at – potentially critical in an insurance claim.


  • 1080p Nextbase 312GW DASH Camera
  • GPS Logging: view your journey on google maps
  • 2.7’’ LED colour screen
  • 6-element glass lens provides 140-degree wide angle
  • Magnetic click and go power mount
  • Smartphone App & WiFi connectivity (android and IOS)
  • Nextbase reply 3 video editing software supplied
  • Night vision records in low light
  • Loop recording
  • Inbuilt backup battery for up to 30 min in case of accident
  • One-time installation
  • Automatic Recording and automatic file protection
  • Weights only 360g
  • 12-24Vdc compatible to use in all vehicles
  • Supports up to 128GB MicroSD card

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