Nordic Grips

Nordic Grips
Nordic GripsNordic GripsNordic Grips
Nordic GripsNordic GripsNordic Grips
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Are you winter ready? We are right in the mix now and the days a re freezing never mind the nights! When the pathways are icy and there is snow on the way you have to watch your footing. The ice and snow can be treacherous for walking no matter where you are going. These light and easy to carry grippers from Nordic come with a little carry case are a great accessory to have for these winter occasions and icy blasts. The grips dig into the ice and snow and allow you to walk more securely and help prevent skidding and slipping.


  • Two Grippers included
  • Two effective hardened metal studs to provide traction
  • Rubber material allows for fitting over almost every shoe or boot.
  • Work in temperatures as low as -40°
  • Weigh as little as .25Ib.
  • Carry Case included
  • Shoe size:  Large = UK 7 to 13, Small = UK 3 to 7