Pinart 3D Sculpture

Pinart 3D Sculpture
Pinart 3D SculpturePinart 3D SculpturePinart 3D Sculpture
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Be mesmerized by this funny and unique sculpture toy that can be used by kids and adults. Just press your hand into the metal pins and they move forward to shape your hand, amazing 3D sculpture right before your eyes. Flip it over and you can start all over again with a stuffed animal, toy or any small object around the house you will see the pins morph into the image you press into, no instructions required. Try this instant art that can be used over and over again and never get bored.


  • Classic 3D Pin Art Sculpture Toy
  • Encourages curiosity and creativity
  • A tactile sensory experience
  • Perfect for kids party and table entertainment
  • Press objects into pins to shape their form
  • Made of plastic frame and blunt metal pins
  • Dimensions 5 x 7 inch