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Drinking Bird

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The classic desktop gadget made famous by Homer  Simpson when he used the Drinking Bird to press the Y key, a nuclear meltdown was the result. 

The complex relationship between chemistry and physics that makes this simple heat engine operate makes the Drinking Bird perfect educational gift for the little ones and the bigger ones alike. 

A classic novelty scientific wonder, the Drinking Bird uses properties of thermodynamics to keep it in constant bobbing motion. A science marvel for everyone and mesmerizing to watch it working. 

Easy to assemble by simply resting the metal bar across the bird’s neck into the holes atop the bird’s legs. Use a short glass-one sized a bit smaller than the bird’s legs, fill it with water and place it in front of the bird, tilt the bird to dunk its beak into the glass so that its head gets soaking wet. Carefully slide the neck up and down through the collar to adjust the right height of bird’s head. Now let the bird bob on it’s own in front of the glass, sit back in wonder as the bird continuously drinks water from the glass without stopping for days. Keep the glass full, so you can keep your drinking bird satisfied. A great gift for birthdays, Christmas or school science projects.


  • Drinking Lucky Bird
  • A classic novelty and educational toy
  • Uses the properties of thermodynamics to keep it in constant motion
  • Perpetual motion machine
  • An amazing gift for everyone
  • Non-flammable
  • Small parts, beware of choking hazard
  • Not recommended for under 8 years old without adult supervision
  • Caution contains methylene chloride if broken dye will stain
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