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Garmin Fenix 6S Solar

Original price €669,00
Current price €649,95

Push your performance to a whole new level with the new Garmin Fenix 6S Solar, featuring a Power Glass™ solar charging lens and customisable power manager modes, this smartwatch can stay on and be performance-ready for weeks.

The rugged yet sophisticated design features a large 1.2-inch display and is tested to U.S. military standards for thermal, shock and water resistance. Fit the look to your lifestyle with a stylish stainless steel bezel.

You can now get a battery boost from the sunlight, so you can go longer between charges and that means more activity for you. Leave the cord at home. Solar charging lets you get up to 9 days of battery life — and then some! How is your body holding up? Wrist-based heart rate1 and Pulse Ox2 will let you know. the perfect companion for all the tracking of your every day running.
Need running pace guidance that knows the terrain? Check out the PacePro™ feature.
Use preloaded activity profiles for trail running, swimming, running, biking, hiking, rowing, skiing, golfing, surfing, indoor climbing and more.
With all great features like backcountry ski, you can stay informed when you’re in the snow. This preloaded profile can distinguish between skiing and climbing. It automatically shows metrics specific to either ascent or descent. With the MBT Dynamics track the details of every ride with mountain biking metrics plus specialised grit™ and flow measurements that rate trail difficulty and how smoothly you descend, giving you a score to beat next time.
The Surf-Ready Features you can get ready to catch some waves. Fēnix 6S Solar works with Surfline Sessions™, which creates a video of every wave you ride in front of a Surfline® camera, so you can watch them later and see how you did.
The easy-to-follow, animated cardio, strength, yoga and Pilates workouts you can view on the watch screen. Choose from preloaded animated workouts, or download more from our Garmin Connect™ online community. Get heart rate data1 along with alerts if your heart rate stays too high or too low while you’re at rest. Gauge how hard your heart is working during activities, even underwater. Optimise your body’s energy reserves, using heart rate variability, stress, sleep and other data to gauge when you’re ready to be active or when you may need to rest.
View advanced training metrics that include running dynamics, recovery advisor and more1. Even estimate your heat- and altitude-adjusted VO2 max.
A first-of-its-kind PacePro feature helps keep you on pace with grade-adjusted guidance as you run a course. 
Packed with many more features this is a smartwatch for every activity and a stylish every day accessory.
  • Garmin Fenix 6S Solar
  • 20 mm silicone band
  • Colourful display 1.2 inches, 30.4 mm diameter
  • Weight 60 g (case only: 44 g)
  • Battery life minimum Smartwatch: Up to 9 days plus 1.5 days, GPS: Up to 25 hours plus 3 hours
  • Water rating 10 ATM
  • 64 MB memory/history
  • Clock features
  • Health monitoring with abnormal heart rate alerts, respiration rate (24X7)
    pulse ox blood oxygen saturation all day stress tracking and many more
  • Daily smart features from your smartphone
  • Tactical features dual grid coordinates
  • Activity tracking features
  • Fitness equipment/gym
  • Training, planning and analysis feature
  • Running features
  • Golfing features
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Cycling features
  • Swimming features


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