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How to tell Your Cat Plotting to Kill You


What a strange name for a book, How to tell your Cat is plotting to kill you sounds like it could be a Alfred Hitchcock movie, it certainly sounds interesting. 

What does your cat really mean when they are purring or hissing? Every cat owner needs this book as a matter of urgency. A fun and interesting read for cat lovers everywhere, and maybe those who have always been suspicious of cats and their secretive ways. Cat owners have had ‘The look of doom’ from their little ball of fur at least once. Are they simply wondering where their next cuddle or snack is coming from? Or are they secretly planning your demise in the first step towards world domination?

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You takes you through a variety of cat issues including the early warning signs that an assassination plot is being hatched. For example, that lovely warm feeling when kitty lays on your tummy could potentially be re-con to see if there are any obvious signs of weakness in the internal organs. That mouse they bring to your door as a ‘gift’ could actually be a warning.

This hilarious book is beautifully illustrated and even comes with a giant poster at the back. It’s a lovely gift and a very humorous read


  • Hilarious murderous cat book
  • Comics, guides and funny illustrations
  • Kitty facts and instructional guides
  • Great gift book for cat lovers or potential owners
  • Measures approx. 18cm x 22cm x 1cm
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