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Whether lighting a fire in a downpour, treating a broken limb or harvesting food from the wild, the Man-Up book will teach you these skills, and many more.

This is a book for the independent and adventurous-minded man. It offers useful but often long-neglected skills and imparts wisdom gleaned from many sources, including servicemen, explorers, mountaineers, sailors and adventurers of every kind. Here, among many other manly virtues, the reader can learn how to:

- Navigate by the sun and stars
- Tickle a trout
- Survive a sandstorm
- Safely cross a swollen river
- Land a light aircraft
- Cope with suspected poisoning
- Break up a dogfight

In an age when people are less and less self-reliant, Man-up! shows how, with a little forethought and a lot of good sense (and just a few handy implements), coupled with sound background knowledge and the right attitude, difficult and potentially risky situations can be confronted and dealt with. Cheerfully written and admirably concise, the book reaches back to the knowledge and experience of yesteryear, when help was never just a mobile call away, GPS didn't exist, and toughness - mental as well as physical - and independence were valued far above technology.


  • Man-Up! book guide
  • Useful tips and skills for all men
  • The real man's book of manly knowledge
  • 160 pages
  • Book dimensions 13 x 1.5 x 20 cm
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