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The Spy Toolkit

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Enjoy an interesting read, The Spy Toolkit book gives an intriguing insight into the methods employed by us in WWII regarding the use of secret agents or spies. A revealing, sometimes sinister and often hilarious look at the gadgets and devices devised to help spies in their profession.

Spies claim that theirs is the second oldest profession. Secret agents across time have had the same key tasks: looking and listening, getting the information they need and smuggling it back home. Over the course of human history, some amazingly complex and imaginative tools have been created to help those working under the cloak of supreme secrecy.

During the Second World War, British undercover agents were the heroes behind the scenes, playing a dangerous and sometimes deadly game - risking all to gather intelligence about their enemies. What did these agents have in their toolkits? What ingenious spy gadgets did they have up their sleeves? What devious tricks did they deploy to avoid detection? From the ingenious to the amusing, this highly visual book delves into espionage files that were long held top secret, revealing spycraft in action. Amazing read for all WW fans and great gift for everyone.


  • The Spy Toolkit book
  • Insight into the methods and tools used by spies in WWII
  • Great gift
  • Hard book cover
  • 160 pages Book dimensions 12.6 x 18.8 cm
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