Raven Glock EU18

Raven Glock EU18
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Is this the best outdoor hobby anyone can do? 

This is the Raven 'Glock', the glock is part of the iconic family of pistols, synonymous with law enforcement due to its exceptional reliability.

The BB pistol is the Glock 18C - fully automatic as well as semi-auto. One of the most famous examples of this pistol is in the James Bond film Skyfall, seen with extended magazines (as well as a double C-mag). The gun sis very easy to use and carry. 

The Glock gained widespread acclaim due to scaremongering from the press upon its initial release, falsely claiming that it could pass through airport security because it is a polymer-made pistol. This led to it being referred to as the 'terrorist' pistol, which is ironic considering it is now most commonly used by military and police forces around the world!

Nuprols "Raven" replica of the Glock G18C is sublime - from the compensator cuts on the slide to the texture of polymer, this gun is truly fantastic! Colouring is superb; it is not quite jet black nor an off-black -  it makes the gun look like a gun.

The gun fits comfortably in the hand, and the controls are extremely ergonomic. Magazine release is placed exactly where you would expect it, and slide release is in easy reach of your thumb (provided you're not shooting southpaw). The fire selector is found on the slide, making switching between semi and full auto as easy as flicking it with your thumb!

The Nuprol G18C is arguably the best fully automatic Glock on the market. It doesn't have any of the issues of the KSC/KWA G18 (such as the fire selector working itself loose), and doesn't require the slide to be racked when switching between semi & full auto!

The gun has a 20mm accessory rail to allow the mounting of lasers, torches etc, giving it a more tactical look.


  • Replica GBB BB Gun
  • Semi and Fully Automatic
  • Barrel Lenght 90mm
  • Barrel Bore 6.03mm
  • FPS 300
  • Main Materials: HIPS Material & Aluminium
  • Gas Magazine
  • Spare Nozzle
  • Spare O Ring Set
  • Weight 1200g

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