Secrid Twin Wallet Vintage Black

Secrid Twin Wallet Vintage Black
Secrid Twin Wallet Vintage BlackSecrid Twin Wallet Vintage BlackSecrid Twin Wallet Vintage BlackSecrid Twin Wallet Vintage Black
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The Secrid Twin Wallet is pretty much the same as the Mini Secrid Wallet only it holds double the cards. If you are the kind of person who likes to keep all your credit cards and other credit card type cards close to hand, the this is for you. The Mini Wallet Twin holds up to 10  credt cards but if you have more than 5, and keeps them all safe from RFID thieves and also offers the patented click button to pop the cards up, 5 at a time or all 10.

Secrid Wallets are a new kind of wallet that protects against fraud in the new Wi-Fi age. The Secrid Card Protector is essential for holding and protecting up to six of your most important cards, such as your credit card, bank card, ID card, driving license, insurance card, etc. The Vintage Black is the most popular of the Twin Wallets and the stunning leather means it is a keeper and makes for a great gift for that someone close or as a corporate gift. They are all made from premium high quality leather, so no matter your taste in colour, every wallet is still amazing!


  • Housing of Aluminum / construction of stainless steel and POM
  • Total RFID Protection for your Credit Cards
  • Cool Flip up Patented Mechanism
  • So Easy To use
  • Real Leather outer with easy use button
  • Mini Wallet Holds up to 5 Credit Cards
  • Pockets for other Cards including Voucher Cards
  • Fold in Slots for Notes
  • The best wallet ever!
  • Measures-  10,cm * 62,5 * 8,0 mm
  • Weight - 47 grams
  • Available in different colours

Blocks unwanted reading of RFID
[RFID = Radio Frequency Identification] If your RFID cards, such as the Oyster card, ID cards or the latest generation of credit cards, are not adequately protected, they can be detected and copied from a distance, without you noticing. This can happen anytime, anywhere and by anyone who has a wireless card reader, because the radio waves will easily cross any fabric or leather. The Secrid Card Protector will protect your cards by effectively blocking these radio waves.


Prevents Cards From Becoming Brittle
Leather absorbs chemicals from plastic cards, which makes the cards brittle and increases the risk of them breaking and cracking. This problem is avoided because the Secrid Card Protector is made of aluminum.

Protects Against Bending And Breaking
When using standard-sized wallets in your back pocket, cards are often forced into a curved shape. This, together with the chemical interaction with leather, can cause your cards to be completely damaged within a year. Because of the Secrids aluminum casing, this problem is solved forever.