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The Benefits of Smart Living
The current global value of smart homes lies at £46.76 billion according to Statista. The numbers are however said to increase to £127.77 by the end of 2023 as more and more people realize the benefits a smart home has to offer. If the idea is to live in a modern, trendy, posh home with quite the resale value, integrate your property with smart technology. Thankfully, this has been made possible with advancements in the development of smart gadgets to spruce up your home and their ease of accessibility. Leveraging on available smart home technology for home management and control, security, comfort, and entertainment makes for a worthy investment and below are 3 reasons why you absolutely need a smart home.

Increased Convenience
In a Smart home, technological devices are connected through the Internet Of Things using wifi thereby making communication between them possible. This gives a homeowner the ability to control everything in the home from the convenience of their smartphones or through voice-controlled digital assistants. Smart speakers such as the Echo Speaker allow a homeowner to make commands using the Google Voice Assistant, in the comfort of their bed. These commands include play music, turn on or off the light bulbs, check the weather, brew coffee, and make online purchases to mention but a few. The application of 3D printing technology has enabled homeowners to be able to see how a home will look with certain furniture and decor designs. This is very convenient as it goes a long way to ensure the homeowner invests only in designs and furniture pieces that will bring out their home's best look.

Improved Safety And Security
Smart video doorbell technology comes with advanced security features. Its camera and motion sensors detect the presence of guests, identify them using facial recognition software, and consequently alerts the homeowner who can communicate to them through its infrared microphone and HD camera. Some advanced versions can even open the door for the guest. Smart Carbon dioxide and smoke detectors help reduce fire-related accidents especially when one is away from home. Once smoke or heat is detected, alerts are sent to your smartphone immediately.
Burst pipes are another challenge homeowners face. It can lead to flooding and property destruction especially if nobody is home. Thankfully, smart home technology has facilitated the detection of leaking or burst pipes in your home. Once detected a signal is sent to your phone or better yet in more advanced ones, the device shuts the water supply off completely.

Better Temperature Control
During winter seasons getting home from work to a chilling house can be disheartening. In most cases, you will have to brew hot tea and cover yourself in a blanket as you wait for the HVAC system house to heat up the house. Smart thermostats from Nest do away with this problem. When heading home, one can simply turn it on by pressing a button in their phone or tablet and arrive home to a warm house. The smart thermostats also help conserve energy by using motion-sensing technology to determine if a room is occupied or not and consequently if it needs heating up or not. The vice verse happens during summer.
Although several concerns have been raised by sceptics, one thing is for certain, smart living has more advantages than disadvantages. Smart home gadgets help improve on convenience, energy efficiency, security, and comfort. It is therefore high time all and sundry jumped on this bandwagon.


Written by Jenniffer Pollock