Stress Paul

Stress Paul
Stress PaulStress PaulStress Paul
Stress PaulStress Paul
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Let me introduce you to someone who could potentially be a well needed friend. BCools ever reliable buddy -Stress Paul.

Whether you’ve moved an inch in traffic in the last 15minutes listening to 'Are we there yet? Are we there yet?' Or maybe the computer has crashed just when you were about to save your last few lines of genius or indeed the printer keeps giving you error messages that nobody understands (What is 'PC Load' anyway?) -  Stress Paul will be there for you through it all. He will take the brunt of your frustration no questions asked. No matter how overwhelmed you feel, take it out on good ol’ Paul. He doesn’t mind… honest! This super squeezy pal fits in your pocket/handbag or he can sit on the desk commiserating with you as you work late yet again. He’s even made of silicon to withstand the heat of the most infuriating day.


  • Compact for easy travel, .046kg
  • Made of silicone so it is heat resistant
  • A great stress relief
  • Measurements Approx:60x80x35mm