Smartphone Waterproof Case

Smartphone Waterproof Case
Smartphone Waterproof CaseSmartphone Waterproof CaseSmartphone Waterproof Case
Smartphone Waterproof CaseSmartphone Waterproof CaseSmartphone Waterproof Case
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Our Smartphones are brilliant and we want to bring them everywhere but that is not always easy, especially if you are into water sports or love to sit by the pool on holiday. What if it fell in? What if it got wet? It usually means disaster for the phone and all your contacts, photos and information. 

The Swimcell is means you can do anything near water without any worries. You can even swim with your phone in the Swimcell and it will protect it because it is 100% Waterproof. And its not only useful for phones but for keys, money and anything else you want to keep safe that can fit in of course. So, get in the pool, go canoeing, surfing, swimming at the beach in the knowledge your iphone or Smartphone is completely safe and protected from the water. Add to that the fact you can still use your phone in the case to take photos or even message and you have the complete package. Imagine the amazing selfies from under the water?

The Swimcell can hold a phone up to 10 X 15cm, that includes iPhone 4, 5, 6 and other phone of similar size. The case is tested to a dept of 10 metres (32.8 Feet) and comes with an IPX8 rating. So if you love water sports or are going somewhere hot and gorgeopus for your holidays, then here is a must have gadget you need to bring with you. The attached carry strap means it is easy to carry around the beach or town when you don't have pockets to put it into.


  • Fits phones up to 10cm x 15cm.
  • Waterproof case iphone 4,5,6 and similar sizes.
  • Best waterproof case for 3"- 5" screens.
  • Window 7cm x 13.5cm.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Tested to 10m underwater. Rated IPX8.
  • Wide, adjustable lanyard.
  • Soft PVC, comfortable to use.
  • Easy to use twist lock wheels.
  • Still use your phone inside the bag. 
  • Fits the following phones and many others:
    iphone 4,5,6. Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5. HTC, Nokia, Windows, Sony.

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