Swiss Arms CO2 Bottle

Swiss Arms CO2 Bottle
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Swiss arms extreme gas is extremely popular due to its high-pressure performance. This new formula can comes with a metal  nozle for easy loading and added durability.

When using guns that are tuned for more exceptional performance or have heavier recoil springs they need higher pressure to be able to cycle cleanly.

As with most green gas, this is primarily propane mixed with silicone oil, that keeps the gun in tip-top shape, as the gas helps lubricate some small moving parts.

Higher pressured gas reduces the time it takes for the slide to cycle, improving your performance, especially in the colder months.


  • Swiss Arms “Extreme” Power Gas
  • Comes in a 600 ml container bottle
  • Suitable for all gas guns 
  • Silicon Oil added for optimal performance 
    For sale to over 18s only

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