Swiss Arms Leg Holster

Swiss Arms Leg Holster
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A good Holster for a good price. The Swiss Arms® Leg Holster is constructed of heavy-duty cordura for high-durability performance! Adjust at waist and around leg. Includes room for an extra clip.

A holster is basically a housing for your pistol when it's not immediately needed, but you still want it close to hand. Given that description it is easy to see why hip holsters are the most popular - they mount onto a belt to a stable part of the body, and are well within reach as well as offering a comfortable draw. The question isn't 'why choose a hip holster?' but rather 'why use anything else?'

This particular model is manufactured by Swiss Arms out of durable nylon codura and is designed to fit the vast majority of common-size pistols e.g. 1911, M9, Glock, SIG, Walther PPQ, USP etc.

As the name of the product suggests, there is more to this holster than meets the eye. Unfortunately no, it doesn't turn into anything, but you can mount it to the belt or to your leg depending on your setup.

The holster is secured in place with straps; one set for the traditional vertical mounting, and another set for the horizontal belt loops. This system prevents the holster from moving around, or randomly changing angle on you.


  • Leg Holster
  • Universal design for most softair guns
  • Spare magazine pocket
  • Heavy duty: high durability cordura
  • Adjustable design for the leg or for the belt

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