Tee-Minus Lost Golf Ball Timer

Tee-Minus Lost Golf Ball Timer
Tee-Minus Lost Golf Ball TimerTee-Minus Lost Golf Ball TimerTee-Minus Lost Golf Ball TimerTee-Minus Lost Golf Ball Timer
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For every golf player out there we have the perfect gadget in this Tee-Minus Golf Timer that will help with the time lost looking for a ball but also the extra accessories required while you are on the golf course.

One of the most common rules to be broken whilst playing golf is spending too long looking for a lost ball. This is mainly due to the fact many players do not know the time limit to look for a ball (3 minutes), or have any way to time it.

One eye on the score and one eye on the clock; The lost ball timer alerts a player when their time to look for a ball is up, whilst also holding several of their golfing accessories.

Playing by the 2019 rules; By rotating the top half of the dome 360 degrees, the timer is set at 3 minutes. This is the maximum amount of time given to a player to look for their lost ball. The 2019 rule states time is reduced to 3 minutes.

Everything you need in one place. In addition to the timer, the product incorporates many other useful golfing accessories which are all conveniently kept together in one place.

  • Ball marker
  • Golf tees (3 sizes)
  • Pitch repairer
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Pencil sharpener
  • A strap and carabiner makes it easy to attach the TEE-MINUS Lost Ball Timer to any golf bag.

Timer Use Instructions:

Turn timer all the way to 3 minutes mark (clockwise 1 revolution).
Do not rotate repeatedly.

When the countdown is over a 3 seconds bell ring alerts you.

If the ball is found simply turn back to zero to stop.

Care instructions:

Apply moderate force to rotate timer, in case of damage to mechanical parts inside, if possible rotate once a week.

Do NOT turn the timer anticlockwise from 0 degree.

* This product is a mechanical timer. The deviation is +/- 5%

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