Waboba Extreme

Waboba Extreme
Waboba ExtremeWaboba ExtremeWaboba ExtremeWaboba Extreme
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Catch it if you can! The Waboba Extreme bounces fast, far, and high. Grab one for your next water adventure and go wild!

Waboba, which is Swedish and is short for water bouncing ball, and that's exactly what you get with the Waboba Ball Extreme. Really popular in our store in Dundrum Town Centre, the Waboba is a great outdoor gadget that is perfect for holidays or if you live near a beach. The Waboba is a hugely popular and growing brand all over the world and is made from quality materials.
Now that the summer has arrived and some cool water would be just the ticket to cool down why not grab a Waboba Ball and make the best of both water and sun. The fun is endless and it's a great workout too!. Bounces on water only. Best for Oceans, lakes, rivers, water fountains, and giant puddles made by asteroid impacts. A lot of customers also buy the Waboba Extreme because it makes for a great stress ball too.

Info: For open water play only. Not suitable for pools, pets, or rough handling. Do not bounce on hard surfaces.


  • Soft Gel Interior For Extra Bounce
  • Team Player Sport 2 to whatever
  • Great Fun
  • A great stress ball too