Emergency Powerbanks
When the light gets low and the power seems weak, it's time to boost that device with and Emergency Powerbank. From solar to wireless charging we have all your device power needs covered. Whether it is outside r inside, there is a power bank that suits your lifestyle and phone no matter what. our powerbanks make for a great gift for all the social media lovers out there. Stay in touch, stay charged!
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 Credit Card Power Bank phone charger slim and compact
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We are still waiting for the study that tells us we are all addicted to our phones, but i don't think it will take a genius to work that one out, but this also means more power and the Credit Card Power Bank is your perfect pho...
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Remove wires from your charging process with this Wireless Power Bank 10,000mAh with Digital Display. Charge any smartphone without the hassle and chaos of wires. This Power Bank allows you to place your phone on it's surface a...
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A wireless power bank that will boost your happiness, health and immunity while making your life easier by using the powerful fast charge technology to charge your devices. Boost your happiness and health: On every Dausen produ...